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Life Insurance in NY

Financial Security For Your Family With Life Insurance in NY

Our approach to Life Insurance is not a one-size fits all strategy. Life Insurance prepares you and your family for the unexpected. It serves numerous purposes: long-lasting financial security, covers funeral and medical expenses, settles debts, and pays for your children’s college education. How Life Insurance Works Life insurance is similar to other insurance policies; you determine the amount of coverage you want, the length of the plan, and pay your monthly premiums. The payment of your premium could be monthly, quarterly, or annually for ten to twenty or more years of your lifetime. Upon your death, the beneficiaries listed on your policy receive a lump sum death benefit. Plan for the Future Now The best time to prepare for the future is now. Consider a life insurance policy that will erase all future financial worries for your loved ones.

Contact NYC Metro Insurance to discuss the types of Life Insurance:

  1. Term: most affordable premium payments. Policy length is selected by policyholder.

  2. Permanent/Whole Life: Unlike term, there is no set period determining the length of your coverage. It guarantees coverage for life and premiums accrue withdrawable funds or cash value.