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Rollover and Annuities

Important Information about Rollover and Annuities in NYC



Have you invested in some financial scheme and wish to withdraw or reinvest it in a different financial instrument like an annuity fund? Do you have an old annuity or insurance policy with cash value? Are you thinking about transferring your money to a new life insurance policy or annuity contract? Do you want a reliable insurance company to help with the transfer and paperwork involved in  your annuity rollover? Contact one of our agents to discuss your options. At NYC Metro Insurance, we can undertake the transactions of annuity rollover on your behalf and identify more profitable options that can result in several advantages.


Rollover and Annuities

Types of Annuity Rollover We Handle:

  1. Rollover of Pension Money into Annuity

  2. Rollover of Mutual Funds into Annuity

How it Works Annuities rollover allows you to convert the cash value in your old policy with newer features and benefits.

Do you have any questions about annuities and rollovers? Contact NYC Metro Insurance now for details on how you can benefit without incurring any loss. Annuities enable you to change your investment into a more secure financial solution (i.e. a pension to ensure you enjoy your golden years).