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Boat/PWC Insurance in New York City

Reasons Why Comprehensive Boat/PWC Insurance in NYC Is Important for Most Owners
In need of boat/PWC insurance? With NYC Metro, you can spend as much time as you desire on the water because we have policies to ensure you stay protected. We’ll keep it simple: no complicated protocols. no unnecessary requirements that other insurers make prerequisites (ie navigation plans, marine surveys, and travel restrictions).
Boat Insurance Coverage

Mechanical Breakdown

Although the general belief is that insurance does not cover depreciation or mechanical faults, NYC Metro Insurance takes that into consideration and tailors policies to protect you on the water. When your boat breaks down, we facilitate the process of repairing or replacing the faulty parts even if the breakdown resulted from wear and tear.

On-The-Water Towing

Getting stranded while boating is a shocking experience (trust us, it’s not fun!). If your boat breaks down and stops working, contact us for prompt fuel delivery, jump starts, and towing. We will take all of the necessary steps to ensure that your insurer sends a tow operator immediately and that all expenses are paid for.

Total Loss Replacement (Brand New Boat)

This coverage is specifically for boats that are not more than one model year old. If within five model years, your boat gets completely damaged, two options are available:

  • Your policy covers the cost of a new boat, or
  • Your carrier refunds you the amount paid for the destroyed boat.
If your boat is more than five model years old, your insurer gives you the amount paid for the boat without considering depreciation or valuations.

Boat Insurance/ PWC Coverage

Injuries to the persons on board and damage to the property are adequately covered. Legal fees are also included, in the event you are sued.

Comprehensive and collision- If the boat is damaged, we ensure repairs are paid for. You select the deductible (out-of-pocket cost) while your carrier pays the remaining amount.

Uninsured or underinsured boater- If an uninsured or underinsured boater hits your boat and injures you, the options are:

  • They pay you
  • If the boater is not insured, your policy covers the medical expenses.

Medical bills- You can select the coverage limits to settle the medical bills for you or the passengers on board in case of an accident.

Coverage for personal property carried on board- Personal properties such as scuba gear, fishing equipment, etc. can get full replacement cost.

No matter what PWC or boat you own, contact NYC Metro Insurance for the protection that keeps you boating to your satisfaction.