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Flood Insurance

The Basics of Flood Insurance in NYC

Flood can happen anywhere. Did you know that most homeowner policies do not protect your home from flooding? Federal government requires mortgaged properties in special flood hazard areas to be insured against flooding.

Why Flood Insurance Is Required

  1. The National Flood Insurance Program recommends that everyone should have a flood insurance since flooding can be a result of storms, heavy rain, melting snow, hurricane and severe coastal weather. Flood protection is an essential extra layer of protection.

  2. It is required to keep your home and property covered. In the case of a flooding which does not necessarily have to result from excessive rainfall, your assets are protected, and your liabilities or losses can be minimized if your home gets flooded.

Flood Insurance Coverage Flood insurance covers the building and its contents (including appliances) Choose NYC Metro Insurance- Uniform Price for Flood Insurance The beauty of flood insurance policy is it is a universally set price by FEMA. Therefore, you do not have to shop around for a cheaper premium.