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Commercial Auto

Factors Determining the Rates for Commercial Auto Insurance in NYC

In addition to protecting your commercial property, it is imperative that your protect your commercial vehicles. Our agents help you find a policy to cover all the vehicles you are using for your business. We guarantee better protection for your vehicles such as buses, delivery vans, trucks, and other vehicles at reasonable rates. As a business, your highest priority should be how to run your business successfully and expand, allow us to eliminate concerns about the safety of the vehicles you use for business operations.

Commercial Auto Insurance Coverage


Equipment such as tools, materials, or goods are protected in your vehicle during transit or work site.


All employees onboard your company’s vehicles are protected.


In an accident, your liabilities are covered by commercial auto insurance. The medical expenses and claims that could result from a lawsuit are covered so that your business isn’t vulnerable.

Substitute Vehicle

In case your vehicle has an accident, commercial auto insurance policy covers the cost of hiring substitute vehicles to run your business smoothly, irrespective of the accident.

Types of Commercial Auto Insurance You must have appropriate towing insurance to protect you from theft, liabilities, medical payments, claims, etc. Types of commercial auto insurance:

  1. Truck Insurance

  2. Tow Truck Insurance

  3. Box Truck Insurance

  4. Van Insurance

  5. Dump Truck Insurance

Contact NYC Metro Insurance to find the suitable insurance coverage for your and your business. A policy can be customized to suit your business.

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