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Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance - Bike Insurance

Place your trust Metro Insurance to find coverage that matches your needs. From standard motorcycle insurance to more unique coverages, our carriers offer multiple options and benefits to choose from. Nothing will give you greater confidence than protecting yourself and your bike on the road. Touring bikes, cruisers, dual sports bikes, sport touring cycles and scooters–you name it, we’ll insure it. Our motorcycle insurance rates are the best !


  • Full Replacement of Parts

Instead of having the damaged part of your covered motorcycle indemnified at a depreciated cost, we pay the full cost to restore your bike to the pre-accident condition if not better.
  • Total Loss Coverage (Brand New Motorcycles)

This policy is obtainable if your motorcycle is not more than one model year old, and two model years old at the time renewal of total loss coverage policy. You will get a full cost for brand new motorcycle less deductible.
  • Coverage for Gear and Personal properties

This can include gear and personal devices, such as cellphones, if damaged or stolen

NYC Metro Insurance Motorcycle Coverage

Allow us to shop the market for you. WIth more protection at a cost-effective price, you’ll have fewer worries and more time to enjoy your ride.
  • Damages to Gear and Safety Device- Helmet, protective eyewear, riding boots and gloves.

  • Damages to Equipment and Accessories- windshields, chromed accessories, seats, custom paint, electronics devices, sidecars and trailers, decals, saddlebags, custom exhaust system, etc.

  • Medical- You can add the medical coverage to your policy to cover medical expenses that may be incurred when you have an accident riding your motorcycle.

Why Choose Us For Your Motorcycle Policy

  • Insurance Policy

You can add motorcycle coverage to your existing auto insurance and receive a multi-policy discount with our agency.
  • Roadside Service

If your motorcycle has a flat tire, runs out of gas, or breaks down, NYC Metro Insurance coverage includes towing and cost of labor at the site of breakdown. This service is an additional premium attracting an extra cost, but offers peace of mind and protection against the unexpected.

Extra Savings

Lower monthly premiums based on:
  • Rider’s History

  • Mature rider (not first ride)

  • Customer Loyalty

  • Multi-policy

  • Multi-cycle

  • Renewal of motorcycle insurance

  • Cyclist’s Education

  • Cyclist training

  • Motorcycle safety education