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Home Insurance

Get the best protection for your home at the most affordable price. Your home is a vital asset to you and your family. If you are a resident of the tri-state area, contact us and we will gladly review your current policy free of charge and commitment. NYC Metro Insurance offers you a selection of the most comprehensive home insurance policies that will protect your home and give you peace of mind. Your house is a vital asset to you and your family. Ensure that your home is protected with the proper coverage. So that in the event of unforeseen circumstances you have peace of mind. When it comes to your home insurance, we consider the following coverage limits:

Home Insurance

Home Insurance Coverage NYC Metro Insurance home policies can cover the following:

Building & Other Structures

When the property and its structures such as a fence, detached garage, storage shed, etc. are damaged or utterly destroyed, they will either be repaired or entirely replaced.

Personal Properties

Personal possessions such as clothing, furniture, and appliances are covered; such that, when they are damaged or destroyed, they will be repaired or replaced.


You are protected from claims that may be charged against you by anyone who has their property spoiled while on your property. If you are sued or found responsible for the damage or loss while on your property, follow up with one of our agents and we will handle the claims according to your policy limits.

Medical Payments

Your carrier will be responsible for the medical bills of whoever gets injured on your property to the ceiling of the policy you purchased, irrespective of who was at fault.

Extra Living Expenses

If you have to stay elsewhere during the time your house is undergoing repairs, a certain percentage of such additional expenses as indicated in your policy will be covered, and you can return home as soon as possible.

Additional Coverage You Might Need

You may require more than the standard home insurance policy to cover items that are exempted from the basic package– which could later incur financial risks. Consider getting additional coverage for the items below:

Home Business

If you run a home business and have equipment or supplies at home, you will need extral coverage to ensure their protection.

Valuable Possessions

Additional coverage is required for certain expensive items not covered entirely by basic homeowner policies. Contact us to confirm whether your valuable item is covered with your current policy.


As with other valuable possessions, your jewelry may not be covered by your standard policy due to specified coverage limits.


There may be changes to the building codes which could result in costly repairs and reconstruction--request additional coverage for full protection.

Please remember that home insurance policy does not cover damages caused by flood, earthquake, and other natural disasters. Contact us today to discuss your options.


Save more money by equipping your home with:

  1. Smoke alarms, fire extinguishers
  2. Home security systems e.g. burglar alarms, security doors
  3. Multi-policy
Stay safe and protected. Contact NYC Metro Insurance today to review your policy and obtain a competitive quote at no cost to you.