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Condo Insurance in New York City

The Importance and Necessity of Condo Insurance in NYC

Do you own a condominium? Are you searching for  condo insurance to protect property and areas that the condo association’s’ master policies do not cover? Contact NYC Metro Insurance to explore coverage options and design an individualized policy. Condo Insurance Coverage If your property gets damaged by a covered loss, condo insurance guarantees the following protection:
  1. Appliances, fixtures, fittings, interior walls, improvements and alterations that are part of the building where you dwell

  2. Possessions that you are responsible for under your policy coverage

  3. Other structures such as detached garage or shed

You would also have protection from losses that arise from:

  1. Fire and other damages caused by smoke

  2. Lightning, windstorms, ice, snow, or hail

  3. Vandalism or theft

Personal Liability Coverage

As a condo policy-holder, you are protected against liabilities that result from injuries sustained at home, or damages to someone else’s property. Specifically, the personal liability coverage includes:

  1. The accidental injury you caused to your immediate family living with you, including your pets

  2. Lawsuits filed against you demanding covered damages

  3. Accidental damages to another person’s possessions on your property

  4. Medical bills for someone, excluding you and your family, who has an accident on your property (ie falling on a wet floor in your kitchen)

  5. Covered loss evaluated by your condo association to protect every owner


NYC Metro Insurance maximizes your savings to maintain a low monthly premium


Existing clients receive an additional discount for owning more than one policy with us.

Home Safety Devices

When you install protective devices such as smoke alarms, burglar alarms, deadbolts, fire extinguishers, security systems, etc. in your home, you will be entitled to a discount on your premium.

Home Buyer

ou have a right to a discount if your newly acquired condo is a new construction.