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Commercial Property

Commercial Property: Don't Go out on a Limb without a Safety Net in Place

It is essential that organizations protect their buildings and its physical assets to prevent huge financial losses. However, some incidents or accidents can force a business out of operation if uninsured. To get coverage for your building against fire and other losses. Regardless of whether you own the building, lease the workplace, or you are working from home, contact us today to discuss your commercial property insurance options.

Coverage Commercial property insurance covers the following:

  1. Building

  2. Outdoor sign

  3. Furniture and equipment

  4. Inventory

  5. Fence and landscaping

  6. Other people’s property within the premises of the insurance company

We understand that businesses change over time; therefore, we help you in securing a customized commercial property policy for your business.

Commercial Property Insurance

Events That Can Lead To a Loss The following are events that can lead to damage of an organization’s building and contents:

  1. Fire and explosions

  2. Theft or vandalism

  3. Damage to vehicles